Maret 12, 2009

Accelerating Windows XP

Many ways that can be used to accelerate and optimize windows XP.
Here I will write how the speed of Windows XP with disable some service not important.

Below the list of services that can disable:

1. Alerter (useful to send a message of attention-on-alert network system;
for the PC stand alone thats unnecessary can be disable).
2. Clipbook (unnecessary can be turn off )
3. Computer browser (for browsing the computer in the network, if not connect
to the network, turn off )
4. Error reporting service (display error messages - more often no need to, can
be off)
5. Indexing service (a quick search, but that can be slow performance, turn off ).

6. IPSec service (set the IP security policy - if the computer stand alone no need to be regulated, can be turned off)
7. Messenger (messenger window to pop up when you connect the Internet. If not turn off)
8. Netmeeting Remote Desktop sharing (for netmeeting . only for make a promise Turn off.
9. Remote Registry (to edit the registry other computers in a network turned off)
10. Routing & Remote Access (At the remote all related network. if no need to be turned off)
11. Security Center (which to show the firewall settings in SP2. Disable)
12. Notifikation system event (to notify events that occurred in the computer.
no need can be turned off)
13. Task scheduler ( Turn off )
14. Telnet (useful for dealing with the network. To the pc with connected the power supply only, turn off)
15. Window TIME: for synchronization with the GMT time that requires a connection
Internet. I really no need to. turn off
16. Windows Firewall / Internet connection ( better turn off )

Here is to disable the services are:
Start> Run and type services.msc
In the windows services service, which will select the disable, click twice.
On the Start Up type. Just select Disable.

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